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CommunityCare Work Environment

Who Are We?

As the only Oklahoma based-company to offer an HMO, PPO, Medicare HMO and Medicare Supplemental Plan, we're able to provide a wide variety of plans to meet the needs of our members. CommunityCare also strives to meet the needs of our employees by providing a rewarding work environment with opportunities for professional growth.

Values/Mission Statement

CommunityCare is dedicated to providing high quality, cost-effective healthcare management services in the communities it serves. We adhere to the principals of Respect, Integrity, Confidentiality and Ethics in all that we do.


In an effort to ensure a smooth transition to CommunityCare, all newly hired employees will participate in an Onboarding program conducted by Human Resources.

The purpose of the CommunityCare Onboarding program is to ensure that all employees, when hired, fulfill paperwork and documentation requirements. In addition the Onboarding program should familiarize the new employee with the nature of our business, our code of ethics and mission statements, company policies as well as benefit plans in which they will be eligible to participate.

Additional training for employees varies by department/area. Other education activities include, but are not limited to, CommunityCare-sponsored programs or educational sessions, educational videos, department meetings, seminars, workshops, and management training.