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WorkNet is a managed care program that combines the best of what you would experience in a group health PPO and HMO, but specific to workers' compensation.

CommunityCare's WorkNet was certified as a workplace medical plan by the Oklahoma State Department of Health in 1996. Reforms in workers' compensation law created the certified workplace medical plan as a tool to manage the medical care of injured workers. Through this management of medical care, WorkNet can help to ensure the injured worker receives the best and most appropriate medical care in the most timely manner. This focus on quality and timely medical care will always save money and, more importantly, help the employee get well as quickly as possible.

As evidence of our success, WorkNet's average medical cost per case is less than half the state average while maintaining 90% patient satisfaction. WorkNet reduces costs without reducing quality.

WorkNet brings managed care into the workers' compensation arena. The program has a system for tracking treatment and progress to make certain employees receive medical care within appropriate time frames. Plus, when you select WorkNet, you will benefit from our years of experience and so will your employees.