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How the Employee Assistance Program Works

The CommunityCare Employee Assistance Program is here for you! Appointments are conducted in person via telephone or video.


There are two ways to be referred to the EAP:

  • Self-Referral. Any employee or dependent can arrange a private confidential appointment to discuss any type of personal problems or concerns. Please keep in mind that an EAP is not limited; it is for any problem. Problems may include issues involving family, anger, depression, marital conflict, relationships, stress, parenting, separation/divorce, alcohol, drugs, work, grief or loss, or any area causing concern.
  • Management or Supervisor Referral. Managers or supervisors can refer any employee to the EAP when there has been a noticeable decline in work performance not corrected by normal company procedures.


The EAP is an employee benefit that is separate from any other benefit and is provided by the employer. There is no charge to the employee for the assessment process that the EAP provides. At the first interview, called the assessment, you will describe your problem(s) to a licensed trained specialist. If the problem cannot be resolved within the sessions model selected by your employer, we will provide an appropriate referral. We will first consider your insurance coverage to determine what is or isn’t covered prior to making a referral. Our EAP assessors are well acquainted with established reputable community programs, which offer assistance at no charge, or charge based on one’s ability to pay.


Our EAP policy statement provides procedures that guarantee each individual’s right to privacy under federal and state laws. References of a personal nature will not be placed in an employee’s file, nor will participation in the EAP jeopardize job security or advancement. Family members using the program will be assured that no reference of a personal nature will be disclosed.

24-Hour Help-Line

Because problems don’t just happen on weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm, CommunityCare EAP counselors are available 24 hours a day, through a local and 800 number. The 24 hour help-line is staffed by Master’s-level clinicians. If you are experiencing an emergency, we recommend dialing 911 or proceeding to the nearest emergency room. Please consider your and others safety.

Contact Us

If you need help, information, or want to talk to a counselor, please access our contact page.