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Employee Assistance Program DOT Compliance

CommunityCare EAP can assist Department of Transportation Companies in the following areas:

  • Employer must have a DOT specific organizational policy
  • Training of supervisors of at least 120 minutes in length
  • Referral to a Medical Review Officer (MRO) group
  • Affiliation with Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP)
  • Referral to a DOT approved compliance testing group and laboratory
  • Employee Assistance Services (optional)
  • Up to date DOT training that the Department of Transportation strongly recommends to be updated every 3 years
  • Handling of test results, record retention and confidentiality
  • Providing educational materials
  • Developing policies and procedures that meet the requirements of the regulations
  • Refer Safety Sensitive Employees to a substance abuse professional for evaluation and rehabilitation
  • Obtain information from prior employers regarding covered employees test results and whether a safety sensitive employee driver refused to be tested

DOT Compliance Requirements

Department of Transportation Requirements 49 CFR

  • DOT employers must provide the names of at least two (2) Substance Abuse Professionals (40.287)
  • All supervisor's must receive training for the following:
    • FMCSA: (1 hour each alcohol & drugs) 382.603*
    • FAA: (EAP & 1 hour each alcohol & drugs) 121.I - 121.J*
    • FRA: (3 hours alcohol/drugs) 219.11g
    • FTA: (2 hours alcohol/drugs) 655.14 (b) (2)*
    • MARAD: (EAP & 1 hour alcohol/drugs) 16.401a 16.401b*
    • PHMSA: (EAP & 1 hour of alcohol training) 199.113 a & b*

(*) Underline denotes that services (training/education) must be provided to the general employees as well

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