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Starting Exercise and Improving Physical Activitity


First, talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program. Here are five easy tips to get you started.

  1. Dress. Wear comfortable clothes and non-skid, lace-up shoes for exercise.
  2. Start slow. Starting with 5-10 minutes per day is a great way to begin.
  3. Drink water. Stay hydrated, especially when you start exercising.
  4. Keep a record. Write down your activities so you can track your progress and stay motivated and consistent.
  5. Check your community. Exercise on your own or check out some of the community resources available. Health clubs, churches and community centers are great resources.
Organization Phone Number
CommunityCare Senior Center
FREE Chair Excercise Classes - Move to the music with excercise designed to emprove endurance, muscle strength and flexibility, all done in a chair. Be sure to bring a water bottle!
Reservations required - call the Senior Center to resreve a spot.
(918) 594-4118
Saint Francis Health Zone
Discounts are available for CommunityCare members. Visit for a one-time free week guest pass.
(918) 494-1671
St. John Siegfried Health Club
Discounts are available for CommunityCare members. Visit for a one-time free week guest pass.
(918) 744-2484
LIFE Senior Centers
Offers many social and fitness activities.
(918) 664-9000
YMCA - Senior Fitness
A wide range of choices in fitness to help improve health and well-being.
Main Office:
(918) 747-9622
Broken Arrow Seniors
Promoting healthy aging with various older adult-focused activities.
(918) 259-8377
Sapulpa Senior Citizens Community Center
Fitness and social activities for older adults at any fitness level.
(918) 224-5770